Appetizers & Small Dishes

Main Course



Now on the Tap

We are constantly changing the offer of draft beer. We choose from small breweries that brew good beer. On the website, you will find out which beer we have just selected.


Soft Beverages

Home-made lemonades are home hand made. We make every glass just for you from fruits and syrups.




Nonalcoholic Cocktails


OtherAlcoholic Drinks



COFFEE MANUEL Caffé Sublime is fine coffee with full bodied delicate taste from a traditional Italian family coffee factory. It is a blend of 90% arabica and 10% robusta.
We can also prepare decaffeinated coffee.

If you feel like heaving a cup of tea, you can choose from a selection of EILLES teas.

We cook ginger or mint tea to warm you up. Or what about creamy hot chocolate or good grog.